Red Realm – Ghost Bat

Brand: Wild Hybrid

Scent Description: A ghostly white mammal with enormous glassine wings.

Blue musk, animal musk, pale leather, angels trumpet and dry dirt.

Released: Emily Haversham

1 thought on “Red Realm – Ghost Bat”

  1. DUUUUDE, this scent absolutely nails its inspiration (this is truly a soft and ethereal leather scent). The blue musk smells airy and fresh (giving a cool breath of ozone into this scent), and the rest of the fragrance smells like supple pale leather, golden pollen and a surprisingly clean note of dry dirt.

    Like, I don’t even know how the hell you make dry dirt smell ‘clean’ (maybe it’s of the blue musk? Or the angel’s trumpet flower?) but I absolutely love wearing this because it’s an absolutely classy and delicate leather scent that’s perfect for professional and formal occasions (like the scent alone makes me want to dress in a full-body leather gown. It absolutely makes me feel that pretty). So I absolutely recommend this if you love a good leather/atmospheric scent!

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