Brand: Epically Epic

Scent Description: In Santa Fe our traditional holiday decorations are the luminaria, or farolitos, glowing candles in paper bags. A papery scent with melting candle wax, smoke, myrrh, and frankincense wafting over from a nearby church. Simple and lovely.

2 thoughts on “Luminaria”

  1. The scent reminds me of wax on paper (like a candle melting onto a sheet of paper, along with sweet spices. (I have this in the solid lotion). It’s slightly sweet but definitely not something you would think of eating. It’s a very pretty scent that’s bold yet a bit understated in some ways.

  2. This is primarily candle wax, sweeter and not nearly as incensey or smokey as I had expected, it has a kind of buttery scent-not like foody butter, but well, buttery anyway somehow. Compared to Candleight this one is sweeter, richer/buttery-er, heavier. It’s pretty strong, and honesty even though I loved the scent at first it got a little sickening to me after a while. I like it in small doses. Maybe this will change with more testing.

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