Snowy Ice Cream

Brand: Epically Epic

Scent Description: A softly wintery holiday scent with marshmallow, white chocolate, vanilla and a hint of peppermint.

3 thoughts on “Snowy Ice Cream”

  1. I have tried this in the lip balm format and it’s one of my favorites for winter so far! It’s pretty minty and there’s a little bit of marshmallow and vanilla in there as well. Highly recommend!

  2. The white chocolate and marshmallow are particularly strong for me and gives this scent almost a cake sort of feel to it. The peppermint is sweet but not as cold as I was hoping for. Still a very nice scent with decent through and some crazy lasting power.

  3. Initially, this smells just like Junior Mints to me – dark chocolate and little bit of peppermint. The chocolate fades over time to a soft and sweet marshmallow and mint scent. It’s really lovely. This lasts 11+ hours for me.

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