Brand: Fantôme

Scent Description: Velvety, floral, gourmand. Magnolias, plush white lilies, night-blooming jasmine, and gardenias over rich, buttery vanilla, myrrh, benzoin, and a hint of orange blossom.

4 thoughts on “Olwyn”

  1. Creamy white floral with vanilla, dries down very nicely to be smooth and not harshly or aggressively floral at all. The jasmine is toned down enough for a jasmine hater like me to enjoy it. After the dry down it’s a floral for people who aren’t into florals that much

  2. Lovely creamy white floral.
    The jasmin adds a little sweetness to it.
    Good sillage, good longlivity. After about 6h the sillage starts fading
    Highly recommended if you are looking for a creamy white floral.

  3. This is gorgeous white floral. As soon as I applied it, I could smell the jasmine. That’s my favourite note, so it’s easier for me to pick out. It’s sweet and full and I love it! The other flowers mix together and are really nice, but I don’t get individual notes as much. There’s a smallest hint of gourmand from the vanilla and myrrh. As it wears, this scent fades as any other, but doesn’t change too much.
    It has solid medium throw. By 7.5 hours, it was gone, but I didn’t check much in the previous hours.

  4. Incredibly convincing white florals; quite a bit of indole initially due to the realistic approach, Olwyn sheers out into a beautifully crisp bouquet. Lily, magnolia, and jasmine are prominent, while I don’t detect much gardenia. The drydown is where this one really blooms, when the florals become fuller and headier, taking on spicy facets, and vanilla begins to peek through. Orange blossom is briefly detectable here as softer, powdery notes on a musky base. One of my favorite white florals to date.

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