Almond Milk

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: almond, vanilla, musk, white chocolate – cozy, sweet, gourmand

5 thoughts on “Almond Milk”

  1. This review is for ▪️Burning Leaves▪️

    (Notes: fallen leaves, smoldering branches, woodsmoke)

    On my skin Burning Leaves smells like one third fallen leaves, one third smoldering branches and one third woodsmoke. The last little sliver is something sweet. Not edible or gourmand but the more this wears the sweeter it gets. Maybe it’s how my skin chemistry is reacting to the oil? Whatever it is, I like it a lot. BL reminds a a bit of Alkemia’s Smoke & Mirrors with the addition of the fallen leaves. S&M is much much sweeter and the smoke way more pungent. This lasts around 5 hours on my skin. It’s creepy how true to life that fallen leaves smell is. BL reminds me of playing in the dead leaf piles outside in the fall as a child. Atmospheric, smoky, sweet.

  2. This review is for ▪️Spellbound▪️

    (Notes: warm pumpkin cake, rich vanilla, lavender, maple, tonka, amber)

    I get all of the notes from Spellbound on my clothing but on my skin it quickly changes to a vanilla tinged amber. Ambers and my skin chemistry have a complicated history. 9 out of 10 times the amber goes rank. That doesn’t happen in Spellbound but the amber definitely overpowers the other notes and it bums me out. I want Spellbound to smell the same way on my skin as it does on my clothing. This lasts around 4 hours, give or take, on my skin.

  3. This review is for ▪️Amanita▪️

    (Notes: damp earth, wet leaves, gnarled roots, patchouli, cedar, vetiver)

    Amanita immediately reminds me of Solstice Scents Foxcroft. Amanita is 100% an atmospheric perfume oil. I’m not real big on atmospheric scents but Amanita, like SS Foxcroft, is very well done. I’m really digging the cedar note in this blend. It’s very true to life and smells exactly like my cedar chest. I adore that cedar smell. Something in this smells of camphor but, it doesn’t punch you in the nose and it just works. I smell like I rolled around on the ground in the woods of my childhood and slept inside my cedar chest. As this meshes with my skin, the patchouli and the vetiver show up to the party and add something special to the mix. I tend to amp vetiver but not in Amanita. Thankfully Brooke used a light hand and I appreciate it. And once again let me just say one more time that cedar is to die for! This perfumed cedar is what I keep hoping Iso-E’s will smell like on me. Sadly Iso-E’s smell like nail polish remover on me. If you like SS Foxcroft then give Amanita a try. Earthy, patchy, cedar!

  4. I really like this. It’s cozy, warm, and doesn’t have that sharp cherry scent that many almond scents tend to have. It lasted for a couple of hours on my skin.

  5. Smells a bit bitter in the vial, but softens once its on skin. This makes me think of that “new doll” smell, you know, when you got a new doll, their skin had a specific scent to it. Longevity is pretty good on my skin, about 5-6 hours.

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