Black Tea & Mint

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: mint leaves, iced black tea, sugar – minty, cool

5 thoughts on “Black Tea & Mint”

  1. I second everything that Levalla said about BlackTea and Mint. It’s a true to life scent but it lasts about 90 minutes on me tops. I’m getting a distinct spearmint note in this. Either that or the sugar is mixing with the mint note to give me spearmint vibes. I do believe this has a bit of peppermint in it as well because the oil makes my skin tingle. It’s not an allergic reaction type of tingle, just a peppermint tingle on the skin. This is so nice in the heat. If only it lasted longer! The only other mint tea perfume oil I’ve tried is Alkemia’s Moroccan Mint Tea (pekoe tea leaves infused with gingermint, spearmint, osmanthus flowers and gunpowder matcha tea). Black Tea and Mint is sugary and mint forward, while Moroccan Mint Tea is more…perfumed. I can see how this can be too mint dominant for some. Personally, I enjoy it. If you’re worried you may veer into mouthwash territory then I’d go for Alkemia’s MMT version. If you want more sweetness and a true to life straight up mint and black tea scent then go with Firebird’s BT&M. Mixing the two perfumes has a delicious result. Again, I love the cooling tingle of the mint on my skin. Both of these are incredible in the heat. I think that a dab of lavender oil layered with either of these would make for a very nice mint-lavender calming sleep oil.

  2. At first this is quite minty and sweet, the tea note wasn’t too strong – it smelled just like I had a cup of tea sitting next to me. After about 30 mins the mint faded a lot and it lasted 1-2h on me overall. I really liked it but I wish it were a bit longer lasting.

  3. 100% true to description! The mint is sharp and almost veers mouthwash-y at first, but quickly mellows out into pleasant sweet tea.

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