Blood Cedar

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: blood orange, patchouli, cedar wood – woodsy, earthy, citrus

4 thoughts on “Blood Cedar”

  1. Yowza, hello orange! On my skin this starts out very orange dominant and reminds me of the tangy candy shell of an Orange Tic Tac. There’s something kind of screechy in this and I think it’s the cedar trying to compete against the orange. In the final dry down of this the patchouli shows up and seems to temper the orange somewhat although this is very orange forward throughout the wear time. The orange is gone at the 3 hour mark and my skin is left smelling softly of patchouli with a touch of cedar wood. This lasts about 4 hours in total on me before disappearing. Once the initial orange burst of this settles, this wears close to the skin. I don’t know if Firebird’s perfume oils are intended to wear close to the skin or if it’s just my chemistry and my skin gobbling up notes. I’m 4 for 4 with oils that wear close to the skin. I can see a lot of layering potential with Blood Cedar.

  2. This is citrusy to start but becomes very woody within an hour. By two hours, it’s all cedar and patch on me. Very headshoppy, which I dont mind. Wears close to the skin.

  3. Blood orange with a slight twist, possibly the cedar? Bright happy inoffensive perfume, great if you’re just trying out citrus scents. Very summery.

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