Brand: Firebird

Scent Description:┬ávirginia cedar, fir needle, campfire smoke, mossy earth – smoky, bitter, evergreen

4 thoughts on “Cabin”

  1. Cabin is super smoky on my skin, it smelled like I was sitting next to a bonfire for a few hours. I got a hint of cedar/fir but not really any moss or earth. After about 2h it faded a lot and lost the smokiness, then it was more woody and dry. Lasted about 3-4h on me in total.

  2. Cabin is deep woods camping in a bottle. This is sitting next to the firepit the morning after, enjoying the nature around you. The fire that WAS burning all night is now just a few embers under a huge bed of ash. You can smell the sweet smell of trees and even catch a faint whiff of the dirt that is caked all over your shoes. This evokes so many of my memories of camping that I raced back to the site to buy a full size.

  3. Very woody, imagine standing in a polished woody cabin where the fire in the fireplace just gone out.

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