Cardamom Burnt Sugar

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: cardamom, caramelized sugar, cocoa powder, orange peel, tobacco – sweet, spicy gourmand

2 thoughts on “Cardamom Burnt Sugar”

  1. Let me start out by saying that I amp cardamom. Cardamom And Burnt Sugar is no exception. If I didn’t already own several solid cardamom scents then I would purchase a FS bottle. This is nice but it’s predominantly cardamom and the other notes can’t really compete once it hits my skin. I get a little bit of the caramelized sugar and the tobacco but the cardamom is the star for sure. This lasts around 4 hours max on my skin and much longer on my clothes. This is a nice cozy cold weather scent. At the same time, I wore this today in high humidity in the middle of August. I tend to wear whatever strikes my mood whenever. I believe a man or a woman could pull this off, I’d say this is unisex. Certain houses seem to disagree with my skin chemistry but I’ve had really good luck with Firebird’s scents so far. If you like cardamom forward scents then I’d recommend you give this perfume oil a try.

  2. Smells like sticky burnt sugar on application. The tobacco comes out on drydown, with a little bit of green from the cardamom. Very sweet and smoky/spicy gourmand.

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