Brand: Firebird

Scent Description:  burning leaves, woodsmoke, beeswax, honey – the smell in the air after the candle flickers out

4 thoughts on “Cinders”

  1. Cinders leans towards the masculine side. On my skin, it’s a mix of a green coniferous woodsmoke and burning leaves. There’s just enough beeswax and honey to soften things up. Cinders reminds me a bit of Solstice Scents Monarch minus the syrupy red musk or a softer version Deep Midnight Perfumes Burnt Offering perfume oil.

  2. This was quite a subtle scent with low throw. It had a sweet-ish, herbal burning smell, very smoky. It lasted 1-2 hours on me.

  3. Cinders is the pungent smell of someone throwing a fat piece of still slightly green pine, full of sap, into a fire. And then having that smoke go right in your face. It’s astringent and bitter and very potent. This is a rugged, “hand me the whiskey” lumberjack, smoke cologne for men. Not cozy, warm “I love campfires” smoke perfume for women. But, I have had others disagree with me on that point. So, if you’re looking for a smoke smell, I’d still say give it a try. I was looking for a great campfire smoke smell, but this one, for me, was not it. But, the winner did still come from Firebird. It was their Campfire scent. I say try them both.

  4. Faint hint of burning leaves, and beeswax. Nice autumn fragrance.. easily wearable all year around as it has hints of being a ‘cooler’ perfume with a hint of warmth due to the woodsmoke. This is very subtle on smoky. Perfect for layering with incense perfumes, or something that needs a little bit more depth.

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