Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: sea moss, twisting vines, saltwater, warm sun – aquatic, green, floral

2 thoughts on “Lagoon”

  1. Lagoon is the craziest, most incredible, weirdest aquatic scent I have ever smelled. Things usually smell pretty much the same on me and my daughter. But not this, It was soooo different on me than it was on her. On me, it was a more natural scent. The smell of swimming in the North Carolina South Toe river. Like suntan lotion and river water. But mostly like the plants and flowers that grow around the river. On my daughter however, it completely flipped and it smelled more synthetic. More like swimming at the local pool! You could smell the sunblock, the grass and chlorine water on her. This was one wild ride of an aquatic let me tell you. So different from person to person. I had to buy a full size, just to keep playing with it. However I will add, that this gets pretty close to being a masculine aquatic. A male can definitely get away with wearing this one. So, I guess it’s unisex, but leaning more feminine because it’s so floral.

  2. this is saltwater’s slightly more feminine counterpart, just with that slightly floral edge that gives it an extra kick. on drydown, it smells very similar to saltwater, but the floral note makes it a bit greener and softer. i wouldn’t call it a “warm” scent; it definitely has a cool nip to it.

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