Moroccan Fig

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: honeyed fig, fig leaf, soft florals – fruity, fresh, mysterious

1 thought on “Moroccan Fig”

  1. As soon as I apply this to my skin it reminds me of an old shampoo I used back in the day. The exact one escapes me…maybe an Herbal Essence shampoo? Shortly after application, I’m getting a strange green bell pepper note on my skin. I applied lotion out of the shower a few hours prior but it was unscented. I guess there’s a small chance that Moroccan Fig isn’t getting along with my lotion but I think it’s an issue with my skin chemistry. Maybe this is how the fig leaf is coming across on my skin. This is holding steady as green bell pepper with a hint of the fig fruit and a soft floral in the background. Lol, not that I mind green scents but I really can’t see myself wanting to smell like green bell peppers at anytime. This doesn’t pack as much of a punch as Wild Fig. Between the two, I absolutely prefer Wild Fig over Moroccan Fig. My brain is now stuck on an endless loop of green bell peppers and an unnamed mystery shampoo from years past. Boy am I glad I sampled this perfume oil before splurging on a FS bottle. I never would have expected MF to smell this way on me! Well if I ever want to smell of green bell peppers, I know what oil to use.

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