Peach Tea

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: fuzzy peach, chilled black tea, honeysuckle – summery fruity floral

2 thoughts on “Peach Tea”

  1. Immediately upon application on my skin 🍑Peach Tea smells very realistic and true to life. Unfortunately within about the 10 minutes, something is turning to plastic on my skin. It’s either this particular peach note or the honeysuckle. I can’t detect any honeysuckle so I’m assuming it’s the peach note going wonky on my skin. Damn, this was dead on peach tea at the get go but something in this doesn’t agree with my skin chemistry. Too bad. Once again though, I have to say it’s worth trying out samples because I thought for sure that this would work on me and Vanilla Sea Salt wouldn’t. Actually the complete opposite turned out to be true! For reference, PT is a much lighter scent than VSS.

  2. at first, i hated this scent. i’m not really a tea drinker, so i chalked it up to that. however, after having the sample for a few years, i revisited it and was pleasantly surprised. it definitely does smell like peach tea. i don’t really get much honeysuckle, but the peach note is so lovely that i don’t really mind.

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