Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: sea water, salt air, driftwood – a memory of the ocean

4 thoughts on “Saltwater”

  1. This is a light, subtle scent. Saltwater with a little bit of sweetness from the driftwood. This lasted a really long time on me, after 12h it had faded a lot but was still hanging around. I did put a lot on since it’s so light though.
    I really like salty, watery scents and I love this one!

  2. I grew up in Florida, right by the beach. This scent sends me home. It’s more driftwood than saltwater to me. Actually, to me it’s the exact smell of picking up a piece of driftwood and smelling it. Or sitting on a sun-warmed, wave battered dock. Not JUST wood. But sun, salt and sweet driftwood.This is my go to summer scent. It doesn’t last long and I have to reapply a few times throughout the day. But, I don’t care. That smell is worth more than words and will be my Holy Grail beach scent forever.

  3. It’s not super salty or briny – more like white ethereal-ness mixed with a fine sea spray. Very much a fine light mist of saltwater left to dry on slightly sweet driftwood. The longevity and throw ain’t so great, but that seems normal for a lighter scent.

  4. this was one of my first introductions into indie perfumes, and i still love it to this day. it’s one of my HG aquatics – and i LOVE aquatics. it doesn’t remind me of a warm, beachy scent; it’s more evocative of a colder climate, like what i’d imagine beaches in maine smell like in the fall time. a favorite of mine to wear when it’s overcast or drizzling.

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