Tobacco Honey

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: sweet pipe tobacco, golden honey, black tea – earthy, sweet; cigar-box

2 thoughts on “Tobacco Honey”

  1. Ooh this reminds me of Hexennacht’s (used to be called Papa Legba) Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe. I think the tobacco notes are alike. This also reminds me of Possets Heka only sweeter. I don’t know if there’s any tobacco in Heka, maybe a honey note? I want to try Alkemia’s Miel de Savage et Tebac and see how it compares to Firebird’s Tobacco Honey. TH is awesome all by itself but it goes really well with other tea notes. I layered this with Alkemia’s Madame Pearl and it smells so good. I like this a lot. I can definitely smell the (unlit) sweet pipe tobacco, golden honey and the black tea in that order. Something in this makes my skin tingle. It doesn’t turn red or develop a rash or anything visible, just tingly. Lol, it’s weird I wonder if it’s some sort of spice? If you’re a fan of tobacco and honey scents, this is a good one to try. While I still have Hexennacht’s Ceci, I don’t think I need a FS of this as they’re pretty similar in how they wear on my skin. I’d say the only difference is that Ceci has a beeswax note and Tobacco Honey has a black tea note. I’ve really enjoyed what Brooke does with teas in the scents I’ve tried from her thus far. When I finish Ceci, I think this may take it’s place. The only downer is Ceci lasts twice as long on my skin as Tobacco Honey does, actually l’ve smelled it at the 10 hour mark. TH is another Firebird scent that I’d happily wear year round. This makes the top 5 Tobacco and or Honey scents that I’ve come across. I can see this layering well with so many other Firebird scents too.

  2. It’s definitely a light cigar box, with a nice blend of sweet pipe tobacco and a hint of golden honey to sweeten this up. One of my favorites is ‘MDSeT’.. i’m drawn into anything ‘honey or beeswax’ and this fits the profile. I roll it onto my hands and apply it to my clothes.. last for a long while and my husband always says I smell good.

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