Vanilla Cedar

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: vanilla, cedarwood, clove, incense – a dark, wintry vanilla

5 thoughts on “Vanilla Cedar”

  1. This review is for Firebird’s Vanilla Bergamot perfume oil.

    Notes: A steaming cup of black tea infused with bergamot and lemon peel, blended with cozy vanilla, sandalwood and amber.

    On my skin Vanilla Bergamot smells very similar to Alkemia’s Madam Pearl. VB is much more citrus forward while MP wears with a much stronger more prominent vanilla note. So happy that the amber in VB doesn’t ruin this and turn to a powder stank on my skin. It seems that when it comes to the majority of Firebird’s perfume oils that I’ve tried/own, 3 hours of wear time seems to be the standard on my skin.

  2. On my skin, this is a softer sweeter version of Alkemia’s L’Encens a la Vanille. Firebird’s is the warm weather version while Alkemia’s is the cold weather version. Vanilla Cedar lasts about 3 hours on me with the clove note hanging on for the duration. I really like this one and can see endless layering potential. Actually this is the 5th scent from Firebird that I’ve tried and I think that they’d layer with each other beautifully even though they’re good on their own. Layering may help me with my longevity issues I’m hoping.

  3. I get a non-astringent but warm and prickly clove melding with wispy incense and a subtle touch of earthy patchouli that is neither growly nor pungent, blended with a sort of black vanilla-cedar combo. The combination is warm and inviting.

  4. Vanilla and winter spices mingle for a heady, sweet winter perfume. It reminds me of allspice. The incense kicks in later, bringing a fuzzy, almost smoky feel to the fragrance – it’s sweet and cosy-smelling. I could see this smelling like poupourrit on some people, mind you. Unfortunately, it wasn’t heavy enough on the aromatic, terpenic cedar for me – I wanted realistic woods tempered with sweetness, but this is winter spices on a woodsy base. One for lovers of sweet spices.

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