Vanilla Cedar

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: vanilla, cedarwood, clove, incense – a dark, wintry vanilla

4 thoughts on “Vanilla Cedar”

  1. On my skin, this is a softer sweeter version of Alkemia’s L’Encens a la Vanille. Firebird’s is the warm weather version while Alkemia’s is the cold weather version. Vanilla Cedar lasts about 3 hours on me with the clove note hanging on for the duration. I really like this one and can see endless layering potential. Actually this is the 5th scent from Firebird that I’ve tried and I think that they’d layer with each other beautifully even though they’re good on their own. Layering may help me with my longevity issues I’m hoping.

  2. I get a non-astringent but warm and prickly clove melding with wispy incense and a subtle touch of earthy patchouli that is neither growly nor pungent, blended with a sort of black vanilla-cedar combo. The combination is warm and inviting.

  3. Vanilla and winter spices mingle for a heady, sweet winter perfume. It reminds me of allspice. The incense kicks in later, bringing a fuzzy, almost smoky feel to the fragrance – it’s sweet and cosy-smelling. I could see this smelling like poupourrit on some people, mind you. Unfortunately, it wasn’t heavy enough on the aromatic, terpenic cedar for me – I wanted realistic woods tempered with sweetness, but this is winter spices on a woodsy base. One for lovers of sweet spices.

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