Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: saltwater, green birch, snow – bonfires of birchwood and the ocean in winter

4 thoughts on “Viking”

  1. With the notes this one claimed to have in it, I was really looking forward to this one. I was hoping for a salty ocean, with crisp fresh air, faint smell of trees and snowy ozone aquatics. What I got was a big whiff of straight to the back of your throat and cling there, icy menthol. I mean it actually made my throat cold and lingered. I HATE menthol with a passion so this was no go for me.

  2. Nice minty scent. Not very salty, but still feels aquatic. Not soapy at all. Could be a nice cooling scent in summer, or a snowy scent in winter. Wish it was a bit stronger in throw and longevity.

  3. This smells like a memory of a cold ocean – not a literal interpretation, but a wearable perfume version. Almost like minty without the peppermint, just amazing all over.

  4. A very fresh and masculine scent. Smells both cold, almost mint like, and warm like spices at the same time. It’s very simple and refreshing. It really makes you envision a Viking standing along a cliff that overhangs the ocean while the wind blows steadily behind him. Truly a beautiful scent

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