Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: damp moss, evergreens, galbanum – cool, woodsy, green

2 thoughts on “Woodland”

  1. Woodland is the smell you get when laying down under a tree on a batch of freshly mowed grass. The grass and dandelions all mulched up together and the fainest smell from the moss and the tree that you’re sitting under. This is walking down a country back road and smelling the greens of the field baking in the summer sun. This is a sweet, feminine greenery. After getting my sample, I immediately bought a full size.

  2. This scent is like a dream of a lush enchanted pond hidden deep within a forest. It wears close to the skin, making it seem like the wearer emanates an amphibious blend of watery moss and ethereal woodsy resin. The water smells like a giant hydrating water droplet. The overall effect of the scent is soft, blurry, and surreal. I really enjoy this one!

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