Winter Kitty

Brand: For Strange Women

Scent Description: A blanket of snow evolves to a comforting base of vetiver, woods, and frankincense. A sweet musk of amber, rose and vanilla complete the scent of a kitty returned from a winter walk with chimney smoke and brisk air in his fur.

3 thoughts on “Winter Kitty”

  1. I smell the rose in this, but get very little vanilla, instead it’s more powdery/musky and a little pine-needly. I also get a faint whiff of unwashed bum in the background, kind of like a skin musk but… off. Second what another reviewer said about it smelling like grandma is a bit sick… like, it’s not bad, but probably isn’t a scent that people will be like “omg you smell great” over. I tried the perfume solid version so I wonder if the notes come across differently in the oil.

  2. I really liked this, but according to my partner, ‘smells like grandma fell in the potpourri… and maybe something’s wrong with grandma, like she’s sick or something’.

  3. Big ol’ punch of vetiver and woods (green woods) with a hint of smoke. I don’t get anything sweet from this really, though it smells much softer on my friend than it does on me.

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