Green Tea & Lemon

Brand: Future Primitive

Scent Description: A soothing, yet refreshing blend of bergamot & mandarin with a twist of lemon, green tea, cool spring water, cyclamen, and wood violet.

Released: Spring Scents

1 thought on “Green Tea & Lemon”

  1. I tried a conditioner in this scent. It’s definitely cool and refreshing, not too sharp, but I can see this being read as a bit ‘generic’ smelling. You can’t really pick out all the notes, and the green tea is not terribly realistic. If I had to say which notes predominate, it would be the bergamot and green tea. Wood violet and mandarin are not apparent to my nose – probably just rounding the whole thing out. It is lovely and bright and spring-like, though – perfectly appropriate for a shower scent! Perhaps the perfume would demonstrate more complexity.

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