Milk Wood

Brand: Future Primitive

Scent Description: Originally created for my partner, Matt and now available for all to enjoy.

This complex scent conjures the vision in my mind of Matt – the potter at the wheel, the woodsman, the wood kiln firer, the nature lover, and above all the love of my life.

At the heart of the blend is a dark & sensual patchouli, which has long been a favourite scent of ours, married with fresh-cut cedar, sweet summer hay, tonka beans, oceanic ambergris, milky white sandalwood, and iso E super – the pheromone based wonder scent of recent years. 

Overall the scent is strong, and masculine with extremely good sillage. A swoon-worthy aroma that you cant quite describe, one which catches you off guard, turns your head, and keeps you wanting more.

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