Brand: Future Primitive

Scent Description: Clouds of fluffed up marshmallows infused with a glug of classic lavender oil.

Released: General Catalogue

3 thoughts on “Sylph”

  1. I have the perfume oil. The lavender is almost toocherbal and green smelling for me but the marshmallow note is lovely and plush. Would be amazing in a linen spray!

  2. A lavender scent for those who don’t like lavender (me). Though with only two notes you’d think I’d despise it as a lavender hater, it’s very pretty, summery and comforting. Sleep scent type.

  3. I have tried this in perfume oil, conditioner, and whipped soap format. I found it was consistent across all three, with the lavender perhaps showing a little more complexity/a TINY bit more of a herbal character in the perfume oil. Sylph is a beautiful lavender-marshmallow, where the lavender is lush and almost fruity-smelling. The marshmallow is not foody and feels pillowy white, complementing the sweetness of the lavender leaving the scent with no harsh edges. It’s a soft, almost fluffy scent with decent throw and longevity. I enjoyed wearing this to bed, and the scent would still be present when I woke up. Simple and classic.

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