Black Squall

Brand: Fyrinnae

Sent Description:

Open waters of the deepest blue, eerily calm before the looming arcus cloud in the distance bears down, revealing the wrath of the storm behind it. There was little left to do now but watch and wait.

Cold and clean-smelling seawater, ozonic air, now and then a little olive oil from the lamps.

Released: Shipwreck

1 thought on “Black Squall”

  1. This scent is lovely! It leans heavily toward the typical “men’s cologne” type of smell (good cologne, not cheap Axe stuff) but it also does smell “cold” for sure. I’m honestly not sure how to describe it because to me the notes don’t smell like what someone would probably think of when they see seawater or oil personally but they do blend well and it is a nice scent. It has almost a sweet undertone and it is atmospheric for sure. I wish I could think of notes that it’s similar to, but honestly this one alludes me. If you like unisex or “masculine” type of scents you might like it though.

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