Captain’s Quarters

Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description:

A shirt of flax linen alongside a spare leather doublet, boots too new to yet be worn down by the elements, a couple well-loved books next to a candle, and small resin vials he had no doubt picked up on various voyages were what you first noticed upon stepping into the captain’s small but distinguished quarters. Few people had this privilege, but you had been specially invited.

Leather, cotton, hardwoods, salty air, a touch of sweet frankincense, with just a hint of rum.

Released: Shipwreck

1 thought on “Captain’s Quarters”

  1. This one, similar to Black Squall, is another lovely (good) cologne type of scent that also leans more sweet smelling than bitter. I don’t smell leather much in mine, but it does have that slight tang in the back of your throat that comes with smelling incense (at least for me). I think it might be the rum and the hardwood that gives it more depth than just sweet but it doesn’t smell like liquor or woodsy either. Another well blended scent where how to describe the notes largely allude me, but it’s a great scent and I recommend it if you like unisex/”masculine” leaning scents. It’s apparently the favorite of one of the people at Fyrinnae and it’s my favorite of their scents too probably.

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