I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa

Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description: An air of crisp, cold winter nights in far northern forests meets the warmth of a cozy house. Dying embers in the fireplace, towering fir trees, a touch of sweet pipe tobacco, chimney smoke clinging to his beard, with light notes of fresh greenery and bergamot.

Released: Winter 2019

1 thought on “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa”

  1. A little bit sweet, not as alcohol-y or tobacco shoppy as I was afraid it might be. Somehow this really reminds me of some mainstream men’s fragrance I can’t put my finger on, but if that scent was done well. The smoke note is slight, no bbq going on here. No one note dominates, and there’s a slight aquatic something in the background that I wasn’t expecting. If you want a “mainstream masc but better” scent, I’d say give this a shot.

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