A Place In Space

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: A silvery lavender, nag champa, dry amber incense and faded patchouli.

5 thoughts on “A Place In Space”

  1. It’s faint in the jar, with a very slight amorphous hippie shop vibe. It could be okay. On fresh application, there is entirely too much lavender. I am big mad. This lavender is bright purple, not silver! Luckily, that phase lasts a mere handful of seconds, then settles away. It reveals an airy nag champa. There’s more to it, but I can’t pick out any other notes. It’s just okay. I don’t dislike it, but it’s also not grabbing my attention. It would be fine to layer under perfume, so it’s acceptable as a lotion. As I sit here with it, it occurs to me that my impression of this is a LOT like it was of Cozy Sweater once the lavender pop steps back. They share some notes, so I guess not too surprising. That one also elicits an overall lack of enthusiasm in me… it’s too light and amorphous. I’m thinking maybe the nag champa from this house doesn’t quite do it for me. Interesting. I start to get a little bit of what could be amber later in the wear. It’s a little warmer and deeper on my skin now, giving me a breath of life. Is there patchouli too? Could be. It’s still too delicate and fleeting on the nose to tell. I get random whiffs of this as I do chores around the house and I do like the way I smell. It’s nice, but hard to identify. I’ll use this up no problem, but I feel like if I want this profile, I’ll just go back to CS. No lavender needed. Soft pass, but not mad about it anymore.

  2. This was the scent that made me realize that I don’t really like either lavender or nag champa! Heavy, sweet nag champa with floral lavender. Very sweet with little complexity. I didn’t get any patchouli, sadly, because I think that would have helped ground it.

  3. 1/5 for me. It’s ALL lavender, ALL the way down, with only a hint of the nag champa/incense to make it a bit earthy. I like lavender just fine, but it’s SO lavender that it almost smells like a lavender essential oil or liquified dried lavender–there’s no complexity or variety, it’s just smack-you-in-the-face lavender. Maybe it would work as a layering note, but in general, just not for me. If you’re looking to smell like lavender and nothing but lavender, then this is your dream scent–the throw and longevity are both excellent (much to my annoyance as I try to scrub it off)

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