Cozy Marshmallow

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Cozy Sweater + fluffy white marshmallows.

2 thoughts on “Cozy Marshmallow”

  1. Unlike the previous reviewer, I find HoG’s marshmallow note on it’s own both too sweet and too light/short-lived for me (thanks to it’s lack of solid base notes), and Cozy Sweater’s musk and nag champa turn into dryer sheets on my skin. TOGETHER, however, the two are clearly more than the sum of their parts, because the Cozy Sweater grounds the marshmallow, and the addition of extra vanilla/marshmallow-sweetness stops Cozy Sweater’s musk from turning into dryer sheets and stops the nag champa from wafting it’s awful headshop incense vibes all over the place. The result is a soft/subdued neutral sort of sweet vanilla-musk that I really like. Less gourmand than the vanillas I usually wear.

  2. I LOVE Cozy Sweater, and I LOVE HoG’s marshmallow. What could go wrong? Apparently, a lot!

    From the bottle, it was sickly sweet. I couldn’t stand smelling it across the room. Aging did help it a bit so now I was able to actually put it on my skin, but I still found it underwhelming. It had none of the vanilla that I LOVE in the OG Cozy Sweater. It was mostly a very musky, incensy, marshmallow on me. I didn’t really recognize Cozy Sweater in it. I prefer the original Cozy Sweater by a long shot.

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