Cozy Pumpkin

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Fresh pumpkin and our ever popular Cozy Sweater blended together for fall time coziness.

5 thoughts on “Cozy Pumpkin”

  1. Hmmm not a huge fan I’ve never tried the much beloved Cozy Sweater but to be this smells like a generic pumpkin spice candle + dryer sheets it just doesn’t do it for me and reads more candle/home scent then perfume/personal scent has good throw and longevity I would just prefer it in an oil diffuser then on my skin

  2. I get a ton of pumpkin pie spices and a slight whiff of cozy sweater. I don’t like this one on my skin, I prefer this in the diffuser as a room scent for sure. This reminds me of a room spray I had from Philosophy called Laughing Gas back in the day. It smelled of cinnamon buns and pumpkin pie spices.

    1. The Pumpkin Butter version of Cozy Pumpkin smells totally different on me versus the perfume oil. Something in the pumpkin butter gives me vibes of Archipelago and Hearth. A sweet brown sugary nuttiness. Whatever magic is going on here I dig it. Cozy Pumpkin PB works as a great base for MANY of my perfume oils. The PB version doesn’t seem to have cinnamon. ***Cinnamon and I have a troubled history and 90% of the time my skin reacts horribly.*** The PB is a mellow pumpkin with nutty and brown sugared aspects to it versus the cinnamon bomb I experienced with the perfume oil. Usually the perfume oils and the matching PB’s are spot on. Maybe ingredient sourcing forced them to reformulate in between the time I tried the perfume oil to now when I tried out the PB? I like the PB a lot. HoG’s original Cozy Sweater is a favorite go to of mine but I’m not really smelling it here in the PB version of Cozy Pumpkin. The PB makes me want to try out the perfume oil again.
      On a side note I know we’re supposed to keep things to scent based reviews but I gotta give credit where credit is due. HoG’s customer service (Matt) is awesome. He always responds to my questions. I recently had a PB that busted open in shipment. I sent an email along with a few pics and he took care of it with a quickness that I really appreciated. HoG care about their customers. In turn I’m happy to support their business and hope they never quit making their PB. I use that stuff year round. It’s my holy grail lotion that gets along with my finicky skin and the scent choices are a nice bonus. I’m very impressed with how quickly HoG shipments make it to me.

  3. I primarily get sharp pumpkin flesh from this. I’ve never tried Cozy Sweater, but I think that entire blend is so far in the background for me that it’s barely present, just somewhat softening the pumpkin flesh.

  4. There is a lot of pumpkin in this! The foody, sweet vanilla of the original Cozy Sweater is very present, and the pumpkin is more like the inside of a fresh pumpkin than a pumpkin pie–which I should have expected from the description! The nag champa adds to the sweetness. I don’t like it as well as the original, but it does a good job of balancing fresh pumpkin with foody vanilla without being a gourmand in the least. A good fall or winter scent.

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