Haus Birthday

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Wild Cascadian huckleberries, butter cream frosting, clove spiced cake and wisps of incense all grounded into a base of our Haus Amber.

2 thoughts on “Haus Birthday”

  1. This review is for the pumpkin butter. Haus Birthday smells like some kind of Chambord or black raspberry sort of smell (huckleberry) that pulls artificial on my skin. I’m not surprised as most berry scents do this to me. I smell a hint of some kind of spice (clove) and the buttercream is there but fleeting. This is all about the berry note on me. I’ve had worse luck with berry scents but HB isn’t a favorite either. HB can serve as a good base for my many patchouli/musk/resinous scents that I’m so fond of. I’ll definitely use up this pumpkin butter but I won’t be repurchasing Haus Birthday in any format as the berry note isn’t quite working out on me. Note to self, this is my first experience with huckleberry. It reminds me of black raspberry for future scent reference…at least it does in Haus Birthday. Definite Chambord vibes (yum) with a plasticky twang (yuk).

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