Campfire Cinnamon Buns

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Gooey cinnamon buns smothered in brown sugar and roasted nuts with cream cheese frosting and a wisp of camp fire smoke.

6 thoughts on “Campfire Cinnamon Buns”

  1. I just get the spicy cinnamon, no frosting or smoke. Not a super strong smell but very yummy when you get a whiff of it. It’s not as much of a sweet gourmand as Vice or Horchata, but good if you like a less overwhelmingly food scent. Lasted about 6 hours.

  2. Okay, had to come back and say that the smell this leaves on clothes is identical to Philosophy’s Laughing Gas Room Spray, which smells like cinnamon buns. Dunno if anyone remembers Laughing Gas or if they even make it anymore. This smells awesome on clothing and bedding. Wonder if you can put it on dryer balls?

  3. On me I amp the cinnamon. Although this is the second cinnamon perfume oil from HoG that I haven’t reacted to. I can’t do Possets cinnamon oils, allergic reaction. No issue with Haus of Gloi…love that name by the way. Once the cinnamon fades I get maple syrup from this. No frosting, nuts or cream cheese for this gal, just straight up cinnamon fading into a maple syrup smell…maybe the.cinnamon meshing with the brown sugar? I prefer this in a diffuser rather than personal wear. I’d rather my home smell like this and not me. Have tried layering it with other scents such as vanilla, choclate and amber but still prefer this diffused over worn on my skin. Great fall to winter scent for sure. Wish I got the other notes listed but skin chemistry is a bitch, lol.

  4. I really enjoyed this one! It’s gourmand without being too foody and the smoke note is to die for. It is a little sweeter than my usual favorites but I am a sucker for a good brown sugar note and this one is perfect.

  5. The description of this sounded so amazing, but on my skin it just smelled like really strong potpourri, with no sweetness. This was after a month of resting too. Too spicy and not sweet enough.

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