Grapefruit Tea

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Pink grapefruit, green tea, bergamot, and Egyptian musk.

2 thoughts on “Grapefruit Tea”

  1. Smells just like grapefruits with green tea in the bottle, and when it dries down you get the bergamont and Egyptian musk with a lingering fruity smell. It’s great for the spring and summer and reminds me of eating grapefruit with sugar in my grandma’s house; my grandma drank a lot of tea and smelled like musk, so this is a nice home-y scent for me.

  2. Smells like what it says on the tin upon application, but I find the grapefruit fades quickly leaving only lemony bergamot with perhaps a bit of musk. Overall fragrance is also pretty short lived and fades in a half day I’d say.

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