Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Lotus blossom, fig, a thread of incense and two vanillas.

Lola Greene Baldwin – Oregon’s and the nation’s first female police officer, 1908.On April 1, 1908, Portland Mayor Harry Lane administered the police oath to forty-eighty-year-old Lola Greene Baldwin, the first woman hired under civil service rules in the United States as a full time paid law enforcement officer.

1 thought on “Lola”

  1. I got Lola in the Pumpkin Butter format. Lola reminds me of Cozy Sweater. Maybe it’s the incense note? At times I think I smell the lotus blossom but then I go back to thinking it’s the incense. Not a smoky burning incense but more of an unlit floral (Nag Champa) incense. I’m not picking up on the two vanillas or any fig. I’ve always amplified lotus notes in perfume oils and maybe that’s what’s going on. At least it isn’t super powdery. When lotus is done right it’s great but when it’s bad…doom powder stank. On me this is lotus blossom and unlit incense…one of which is definitely Nag Champa. Lola PB makes a nice base scent to layer my other perfume oils on. It’ll mesh with so many notes. I’ve not tried Lola in the perfume oil format but from experience with other scents the PB’s smell the same as the perfume oils.

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