His Sweater

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: A well worn woolen sweater infused with brisk outdoor air, a hint of incense and clean skin musk. Accompanied by three woods and a root: western red cedar heartwood, hawthorn accord and Japanese hiba with a touch of calamus root.

3 thoughts on “His Sweater”

  1. This one reminds me somewhat of a basic men’s cologne only muted. I love all of the different wood notes in this. I think that’s what makes this so good. I think this can be considered a unisex scent but it definitely leans more masculine. This would be good to tone down a gourmand that was too sweet. I would not mind at all if my man (and his sweaters) smelled like this…wouldn’t mind it one bit. This is definitely a fall/winter scent although I can see some getting away with wearing this year round.

  2. It’s quite a nice spicy woody incense, and smells nice on my sweater (it’s been so cold here I feel like I’m wearing a sweater everyday).

  3. The skin musk in this one is the same as in Cozy Sweater, but it’s lurking underneath a fair bit of “drugstore men’s cologne” on my skin. In the bottle, it has a young wood quality (green, a little bitter) with fuzzy incense.

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