Moon Dog

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Solar storms erupt: cracked coconut, dry sandalwood essence, heated with nutmeg and clove.

3 thoughts on “Moon Dog”

  1. On me this is a dry and spicy coconut scent! While other’s seem to have different experiences, the nutmeg and clove were very present and blended with the sandalwood to make it a very spicy scent. This meant that the coconut was not sunscreen-like at all. While I enjoyed this when the weather was just starting to warm up, I imagine the spices would be too overwhelming on my skin in the summer.

  2. At first I get fresh coconut and sandalwood. I agree with the other review here that the sandalwood is very “high pitched”. They blend perfectly together. Then I can smell a very faint heat from the nutmeg in the background. I can’t directly smell any clove but I think it’s giving it a bit of a fresh and airy vibe. Reminds me of putting on sunscreen on a cool summer day!

  3. Mostly a dry coconut husk smell in the opening, with a high-pitched dry sandalwood in the background and something which smells almost aquatic. I don’t really get the clove or a sweet nutmeg, but I think the nutmeg might be contributing to the overall dry (how many times can I say that word?!) effect. It was too heavy on the coconut for me, personally, but might appeal to those who don’t have trouble with the note.

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