Nefarious Gingerbread Man

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Gingerbread dough with red ginger root, black patchouli, sticky resins and swirls of nag champa incense.

6 thoughts on “Nefarious Gingerbread Man”

  1. This is for the 2021 reformulated version. I have never tried the classic. Wow, I didn’t think I needed another gingerbread perfume, but this one knocked my socks off. It’s so simple — a delicious nag Champa spiced with ginger and sprinkled with brown sugar — but it’s perfect. Just a warm hug of a fragrance. Layers nicely with other Haus favorites (e.g., Cozy Sweater, Haus Amber), with decent longevity on skin and fabric. Full bottle worthy. I will be wearing this a lot this season and beyond.

  2. smooth, warm, but spicy gingerbread with sweet patchouli underneath. I prefer it in their pumpkin butter formula.

  3. I have this in both the perfume oil and the PB format and I think they smell the same. This is a true ginger forward scent. I’m so happy that this isn’t all cinnamon like so many other gingerbread interpretations. The ginger in this is the star. I can pick up n some faint resins and a slight whiff of patchouli but I do not get any Nag Champa. If you’re a ginger fan then I think you will appreciate this scent.

    1. This is for the 2021 reformulation of the Pumpkin Butter. I appreciate HoG being transparent about reformulating their scents due to ingredient sourcing and other issues. I’m happy that they tried to reformulate NGM but to me (and on my skin) the 2021 version just falls short compared to the original. The original was a favorite of mine, especially in the PB format. It’s alright but I don’t think I’ll repurchase this particular scent once I run through what I have. Many of the indie companies I buy from have been forced to discontinue or reformulate their products since the pandemic and many favorites are forever lost to me. RIP my beloved OG NGM, I’ll remember you fondly.

      1. I wanted to mention that the 2021 version shares something (Nag Champa comes to mind) that reminds me of Cozy Sweater. If you enjoy CS then you’ll probably like this. Between this 2021 version and CS, I’d personally go with Cozy Sweater. The Nag Champa is prominent in both the 2021 NFG and CS but overall CS appeals more to me. The original NFG was much more ginger and resin forward on my skin. That was what I loved about it. The 2021 NFG smells more of Nag Champa and cassia bark/cinnamon or some spice close to it. It’s a really big difference to my nose. I’m curious to read what others think of this scent refirmulation.

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