Peppermint Cocoa

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: When I was a kid, I used to infuse the milk for my hot cocoa with a bag of peppermint tea. This is just that, a hot cuppa cocoa infused with peppermint!

2 thoughts on “Peppermint Cocoa”

  1. This one comes across exactly like the description. It’s a hot cocoa scent with a back note of peppermint. Neither the cocoa or the peppermint overpower but instead compliment each other. This fades rather quickly on my skin but sticks around for quite awhile on my clothes. Another basic kind of scent but I think it’s very well done. Very happy that the cocoa note doesn’t go all “tootsie roll” on me like many chocolate/cocoa scents tend to do. It must be a skin chemistry thing because Alkemia”s chocolate notes go “tootsie roll” but Possets chocolate notes do not. This perfume oil makes me want to try infusing my milk with a peppermint tea bag to make some hot cocoa. Again, to me this smells exactly like the description from HoG.

  2. I’m confused why this mentions tea as the inspiration but is named cocoa. I think it smells more like the quick story than the given notes – It’s a cup of hot cocoa mixed with peppermint tea, so there’s not a lot of sweetness.

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