Rosy Cheeked

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Pink grapefruit, fir needles, juniper berries, rosemary, a sprig of parsley and bright winter lilies.

3 thoughts on “Rosy Cheeked”

  1. This one was an unexpected hit for me. After initial application on my skin I can immediately smell the rosemary and the fir needles. They’re right at the edge of smelling medicinal but the other notes seem to take the edge off, especially the grapefruit. I don’t know what juniper berries are supposed to smell like but I guess that’s the real berry note that I’m picking up on…maybe? The only juniper scent I’ve ever smelled (and sneezed my ass off from) was from B&BW’s. I think gin is made from juniper berries but gin just smells like strong alcohol so I’m stumped on the juniper berry smell. I agree with Elizabeth’s comment that this does calm down to smell like some kind of authentic fancy lemonade with a slight berry-like floral tinge to the overall scent, as strange as it sounds. I really like the end result of this one on my skin. I never would have picked this one on my own and I’m so glad I received this as a sample in my order.

  2. At first (without looking at the notes) this made me think if some kind of lemonade. The fancy kind you get at a coffee shop. Upon closer inspection this smells like grapefruit and pine nuts. Its bright and citrus but also has a robust quality to it. With wear I can detect parsley.

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