Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Absolutely fiendish creature! And quite frolicsome: Italian blood orange drizzled with blackened vanilla.

6 thoughts on “Satyr”

  1. I’m surprised by the lack of tartness to the citrus here. As soon as I remove the seal on the jar, it’s almost candy-like orange. It’s a bit like how the candy shell on a Tootsie Pop smells before you lick it, or maybe like orange saltwater taffy. It’s a “cool” orange candy, not sticky or bright. I sorta dig it though. On application, there are cascades of smooth vanilla emanating from my skin, thin ribbons of sweet orange running through it. Man, this is delicious. Something is stopping me from calling it a creamsicle. I guess it’s because the vanilla doesn’t read as creamy exactly. It’s more straightforward than that. It’s a vanilla-vanilla-orange-vanilla type of deal. Light on the orange. It’s like a much simpler, stripped back version of The Un-Red from Cocoa Pink (love!). I have no complaints about this, even in its simplicity. It’s a viscerally enjoyable scent for a moisturizer. The dry down trends to straight vanilla, in a cool and non-cloying way. I could wear this under most perfumes. It would be fine alone on a hot day. I’m content with it. Hours after applying this one, my arm smells… weird. Like herbal / hemp? I have no idea where this part is coming from. It smells nothing like the rest of the fragrance. It’s not bad, just caught me off guard because it smells nothing like the notes that I was reading the rest of the way through. Curious ending! I used this jar up quite happily and could purchase again, but it’s not a must-have.

  2. It reminded me of taking a a spoonful each of blood orange gelato and vanilla custard and eating it. The spiciness of the orange is prominent but the vanilla mellows it out from becoming too spicy.

  3. It was very sweet and orange-forward but didn’t last long. Seeing blackened vanilla makes sense as one of the notes, though I didn’t specifically pick up on it blind.

  4. Sexy creamsicle? That’s what I get from this. On my skin, it’s a true blood orange mixed with a sort of dirty vanilla. It’s great! Wear time wasn’t as impressive for me, though, it completely disappeared after around 4 hours

  5. ORANGE. strong, sweet, juicy, foody orange. not a citrus handsoap orange, but an orange that you just peeled and sliced into quarters to eat. as it dries down and wears, a bit of the vanilla comes out, but it’s still unapologetically orange scented. i love it, but others who are fans of more complicated (and less citrusy) smells might not.

  6. Wet, this smells JUST like a Terry’s chocolate orange. I had a deep and powerful desire to run to the shop and buy one for a good 15 minutes. On drydown, I start to smell a bit like a Lush bath bomb. This is a really beautiful blend, but it is definitely very foody and not subtle at all.

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