Silver Bells

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Snow covered melon, white lily, sparkling resins, and a blade of frost covered lemongrass.

3 thoughts on “Silver Bells”

  1. It’s primarily lemon grass backed by a little melon (honeydew maybe), and maybe just a tiny touch of lily. It’s pretty nice. Just kind of a nice cheerful type of scent.

  2. Tart candies (watermelon laffy taffy and sweet tarts?) on a bed of lemongrass. Sounds weird, smells amazing. Dries down to an almost tea-like harmony. Reminded me of something you could find at Teavana or Lush. Maybe a bit sweet for me but I’ll certainly come back for it often. High throw, low-moderate longevity

  3. I find that the strongest note in this blend on my skin is the lemongrass. It’s a very cool lemongrass that is sweetened by the melon. The lily is not very strong/distinct on my skin. When I first read snow and frost in the description I was skeptical how that would translate into scent but there is definitely a coolness to the notes that reminds me of cold weather, and the lemongrass in this blend is expressed differently than how the lemongrass comes across in Haus of Gloi’s Apothecary scent.

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