Super Freak

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Rich vanilla, heady incense and a trace of red wine.

2 thoughts on “Super Freak”

  1. I received this as a sample with a HoG order. Let me start off by saying that wine notes are tricky on me. A lot of them seem to go sour. The particular wine note in Super Freak was coming across as red wine vinegar on my skin. I can’t really get past that for about the first 30 minutes or so. At this point the incense makes an attempt to beat back that vinegar tang but it’s still way to detectable to my nose and I don’t like it. Had the wine note come across as am actual drinking wine…then maybe I’d feel differently. I really don’t pick up on any vanilla in this either. Maybe it’s because my brain is on a salad dressing loop every time I get a whiff of this on me. I’m going to try this in my diffuser and see what I smell. Sometimes it’s crazy how different a perfume oil can smell on skin versus being diffused. The only wine scent that I’ve come across to work on my skin is Alkemia’s Surrender of Solitude. This blend is an easy pass for me.

  2. Incense gets you upon first application and you almost regret it… almost. When it dries down, you get the wonderful scent of vanilla with the smallest sample size of red wine, and the two blend together quite well!

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