A Clockwork Orange

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: A bolshy, bezoomny blend of vanilla, spun sugar, and orange blossom, jammiwammed with every orange blend in me flatblock.

3 thoughts on “A Clockwork Orange”

  1. One of the longest lasting orange perfumes I have! I love to wear it with prehnite. Soooo delicious. It can veer candy but after the wet stage that dry down is the yummiest orange incense dream you will experience.
    But I love orange, it’s not the same note as Sunday mourning (my favorite of all time) but it makes do.

  2. This one starts out smelling just like orange soda for me, with a super-sweet, candy-like orange scent and a little hint of bubbly (like I get from Phizz-wizzling and Black Cherry Fizzy Cola). I had this idea in my head of this being a nuanced creamsicle, so I’m a little surprised. It’s okay. The spun sugar is the heart of the fragrance and I’m kinda meh about it. This is what I expected from Blood Orange Cotton Candy actually. As it dries, it becomes wildly tart like when you first put SweetTarts in your mouth, and it suddenly reminds me very much of Whizzpopper (one of my loves!)… but that’s a bit weird because that one has no orange whatsoever… and no spun sugar. Huh. The transition from the sugary soda to the sour candy is a big one, and it’s a ride I’m not necessarily keen to repeat. It’s interesting, yes, but I’m not vibing with it. I know I don’t need more. On to the next.

  3. Sugary, fruity, and artificial. I’ve really tried, but I just cannot pick out the individual notes in this. Together, they merely smell like orange flavored pez. For those that have never smelled orange flavored pez candy, it’s not at all like an orange lollipop. It’s more like an intensely artificial chalky orange cream. I love all of the listed notes and I love orange in general, so I had very high hopes for this. I am disappointed.

    Not for me, but if you enjoy the smell of pez candy you may like this.

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