All Soul’s Night

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Molten marshmallow blobs on scorched sticks, plumes of woodsmoke, and hot, glowing campfire embers on a cool autumn night.

10 thoughts on “All Soul’s Night”

  1. Wow. What an immense disappointment. I love smoke smells, and based on reviews of this, I thought this would be unbelievable. I assumed I’d buy both this and Fumer. The reviews of this scent are what made me order samples in the first place. But I find this completely repulsive.

    I let this and Fumer rest a few days, and Fumer is amazing. Straight smouldering campfire. There is a brief moment of sharpness, of acrid liquid smoke, before that faded into a beautiful, realistic bonfire with sweet burning wood and a hint of dry cedar. ASN smells nothing like this. There is a shrieking, single, extremely phenolic note that smells exactly and completely like Chloraseptic throat spray. It obliterates the woodsmoke, which struggles in the background. Then comes a cloying, synthetic sweetness that smells like way Equal tastes. It combines with that disgusting phenolic smell and is just awful. It stays that way.

    I cannot comprehend this. People love this. I would say maybe because it’s late summer in southern California that perhaps the heat affected this sample and soured an oil in it, but the other eight Hex samples I got from Ajevie all seem perfectly fine. None were repulsive except this one (though some were not mt thing, the rest of what I got was all pleasant). I did not, however, order anything else with a marshmallow note in it, so maybe the heat could have affected that note alone. I am not sure. Maybe I’m simply an outlier, because everyone really seems to love this and if the Chloraseptic smells wasn’t present, I probably would find the sweetness to be nicer. I truly hate this. Hugely disappointed. Will be buying Fumer, however. That one is incredible.

  2. I rested my vial for about a month or longer before I tried this and it’s all wood smoke. I smell like a camp fire. I’m not getting any marshmallows and it bums me out. I envy the people who get all the notes in this. This smells the way I’m expecting Fumer (I haven’t cracked that one as of yet) to smell. I guess I have issues with the marshmallow note in this bad boy. It’s not bad, I was just expecting some sweetness from the marshmallow. Maybe something along the lines of B&BW’s Marshmallow Fireside candle but better…alas, no. Too bad Zozimus doesn’t work on me or I’d slather that scent on top of this. Super realistic campfire smell.

    1. So I tried yet another sample vial of ASN after resting for a month and again after aging for 4 months. Sadly I keep getting the same results of zero marshmallow and all campfire smoke. I guess it’s a chemistry issue because so many marshmallow notes in scents either never show up or they turn to plastic (as in the empty Jet Puff marshmallow plastic bag in the worst way imaginable). I had high hopes for Zozmius as well with dire results. The only two marshmallow notes of the numerous houses that I’ve had success with are Possets Zombie perfume oil and Haus of Gloi Marshmallow soli note in the Pumpkin Butter format. I just need to accept that All Souls Night is never going to work out the way I want it to on my skin. My search continues on for my marshmallow love in a bottle. Damn I really wanted this to work!

  3. This fragrance is beautiful! When I first got it, the smoke scent was waaayyyy too intense for me, but I gave it a couple weeks to rest and it is perfectly balanced between smoky and sweet now. It’s extremely realistic and feels so cozy and nostalgic! I can’t believe I passed this one over so many times before ordering it.

  4. The first time I opened the vial of this the smoke punched me in the face, but now that it’s had time to rest, the scent is definitely more balanced between the sweet and smoky. I used to go camping a lot when I was a kid and this scent is very reminiscent of how you smell after sitting by a campfire for a couple days and stuffing your face with toasted marshmallows. I really love this one, it’s very comforting and familiar.

  5. Absolutely love this blend! Very similar vibes to ‘smoke and mirrors’ I can’t say which one I prefer more. I however did purchase this in a body oil to slather myself always. This is the perfect base to lightening an already dark blend, or darkening an overly citrus or floral blend. This will be a staple in my collection, it’s literal smoke and marshmallows. If you’re not a fan of smoke. Don’t get.

  6. At first application, this is all smoke. It is a very true, woody, bonfire out in the woods smoke, but it’s quite overwhelming. After a couple minutes the sweet marshmallow comes out here and there, and eventually it balances equally with the smoke and I am blown away by how true both notes are! I wish the marshmallow were a little bit stronger, but I am perfectly happy to wear this around any season.

  7. SMOKY, woody, and lightly sweet. Sweet smoke, burning wood, and a hint of marshmallow.

    It smells exactly like a real campfire. Every other scent I’ve tried advertised as “campfire” ended up smelling more like a barbecue to me (burned meat and all), so I’m very impressed by All Soul’s Night. I like this, but super smoky scents aren’t really my thing so can’t say I love it.

    Like and recommend to anyone who loves smoke.

  8. This take on smoky marshmallow is stronger bonfire. It captures the smell of fresh-chopped firewood burning warm and clean. I find myself wanting a little more marshmallow goo! But… the bonfire is so realistic, I’m digging it anyway. It doesn’t have any chemical smell, and it doesn’t become “barbecue”. It’s subtly woody smoke, evoking the outdoorsy scent of a bonfire in a neighbor’s yard or on the beach. The marshmallow starts off complementary, and progressively becomes about equal with the smoke. It never takes over. It’s very well done. I think this would be a great sweet smoke layer with other things. Very interesting scent. Not a standalone perfume for me though.

  9. The perfectly captured scent of impaled marshmallows caramelizing over a late summer bonfire. Comforting, cozy, and nostalgic, it’s not overwhelmingly sweet and the smoke is delightful rather than overpowering.

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