Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Pumpkin pecan waffles, pumpkin brûlée, marshmallow, sugar cookie, vanilla bean noel, salted caramel popcorn balls.

5 thoughts on “Amityville”

  1. This scent is Autumn in a bottle to me. It smells very much like B&BW’s pumpkin pecan waffle candle. I actually get all of the listed notes to develop on my skin. The vanilla bean noel and the marshmallow are the first notes to fade. I get whiffs of something that smells like cinnamon but, my skin doesn’t react so I know it’s another spice. Whatever it is I like it very much, In the end stage on my skin this settles down to smell just like pumpkin pecan waffles with the pumpkin note bowing out first. This lasted awhile on me, at the 10 hour mark it was still going strong. I like to layer this with Hestia (clove and marshmallow). This is a gourmand scent to the extreme. The only down side is that this scent makes me hungry at times. Despite that, I love this own it’s own or layered.

  2. This is a very gourmand scent! It’s definitely a mixture of the sweet scents that are listed. This is very much a fall/winter scent for me.

  3. Ah yes. Pure fall bakery decadence. I smell pumpkin and waffles with cooked sugar in all its glorious forms… syrupy caramel and sharp, almost-boozy vanilla… gooey marshmallow. Scrumptious. I can’t find a single fault with it. It reminds me of Hellebore’s delicately charred sugar with pumpkin… but it’s got more going on. It doesn’t quite compare with Arsenic or Oogie Boogie, which are my top fall scents alongside Basic Bitch. It’s missing Arsenic’s perfect chai spice and it doesn’t have BB’s luscious coffee or the grounding sandalwood that drives OB, so it doesn’t dethrone my tops. Still, it’s fabulous autumn foodie. I rank it alongside Babooshka in my fall arsenal (not in scent profile in this case, just in season). I really like it. It scratches all my baked goods foodie itches with finesse. Alas, I don’t think I’d wear it much outside of a three- or four- month window, so I’m tabling this for later in the year when I beef up that part of my collection. But damn, it’s delicious.

  4. I do smell the pumpkin pecan waffles! I’d describe this as Norman Loves Mother + maple syrup on pumpkin pecan waffles.

  5. Salt is very prominent; smells like salted popcorn and marshmallow. I didn’t prefer it, as I don’t care for salty smells.

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