Previously named Aokigahara Woods

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Coconut milk, steamed rice, honeyed figs, lychee, Japanese maplewood, tonka, spiced rooibos tea, galangal.

6 thoughts on “Shibari”

  1. I don’t really like this in the bottle or on me, unfortunately. Coconut milk is not my friend. It smells sour or like it’s burning? I do get a bit of a serene oriental fruit/ wood vibe chilling in the background that would be nice to explore. The coconut milk just ruins it though. I think I might dig this if that note wasn’t there. I let this sit for a while and I am happy to report that the coconut milk eventually subsides. What’s left is remnants of some scent memories of Japan. I think of walking through the mall and smelling bubble tea shops and the distinct smell of cooked rice. It’s interesting, and a little nostalgic. I can easily pass on this one personally because of the coconut milk, but I can see it being sublime for someone else.

  2. In the bottle, it smells like just like coconut sticky rice (which is one of my favorite desserts, so I was excited).

    On me, though…yikes, at least at first. The coconut totally disappears, but the rice stays. I’m a fan of that part. The lychee and fig, however, take a hard left into grape soda territory. It smells like a more grown-up version of the grape perfume this girl used to spray all over the locker room in middle school.

    As it dries down, a little bit of the wood notes are coming out and the grape soda is receding. The wood is blending well with the rice. There’s still a bit of a grape soda smell, but it’s lightly fizzing instead of exploding all over my hands. A few hours later, I still get rice and woods with that grape soda undertone.

    Overall, it’s not a win for me.

  3. Lightly sweet, creamy, bright, woody, fizzy, and fruity. Effervescent ginger-ale, rice, sweet lemony tea, maplewood, sugared lychee, and creamy coconut. I can’t say that I smell any fig or tonka.

    Considering the name, I had expected a much darker scent. Instead, this has become one of my most effective mood-lifting perfumes and I adore it! Like having lunch in a tranquil, sun-lit Japanese tea garden.

    LOVE!!! I recommend this to… everyone. Everyone should at least try this.

  4. Smells just like coconut rice pudding to me, with something gingery and a bit herbal. I’ve realized I hate the smell of coconut rice pudding, though, so it didn’t work for me.

  5. A lightly sweet, mildly creamy (but not smelling of cream) scent with a fuzziness from the steamed rice. It has a gingery kick from the galangal, but it’s not a ‘warm spice’- more of a fresh, kind of tangy one. This is a really cozy and comforting smell to me.

  6. In the bottle, smells like coconut milk and fruit tea, but the coconut disappears once on my skin. It becomes a sweet warm rice, lychee, and tea, later drying down into a fruity woodsy scent. I like this a lot as it’s very comforting. Lasted about 5 hours.

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