Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Slow-baked sweet gourds, Russian tea cookies, pipe tobacco, Autumnal spice accord, caramel, nutmeg, honey, coumarin, beeswax absolute, cardamom sugar, crushed apples, black pepper, liatrix absolute.

7 thoughts on “Babooshka”

  1. I purchased a sample of this perfume based on the scent list on the Hexennacht website, and I will DEFINITELY be full sizing. It seems like this perfume really depends on individual skin chemistry, but on me, it’s sweet buttered winter squashes and pumpkin pie spice. At first, it’s almost sticky sweet, but within an hour, it mellows out into what I described earlier. Didn’t get any apples from this at all, but it’s everything I look for in a gourmand, and I wholly recommend it for fall.

  2. I didn’t think I would like this based on the reviews I read, but on my skin this smells like a mix of apple fruit leather and dried plums with a hint of fall spices and it’s absolutely delicious. I’m forever lusting after that tart dried fruit smell so this was a huge win for me.

  3. Spicy, lightly sweet, medicinal, and autumnal. Beeswax, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, creamy (but not particularly sweet) pumpkin, medicinal herbs, nuts (walnuts, perhaps?), and hints of apple and honey. I really don’t smell any pipe tobacco, caramel, pepper, cookies, or…. liatrix (not that I’d know that note if I smelled it).

    I don’t like cinnamon or beeswax, I hate nutmeg, and I despise medicinal anything. I purchased this based on the stellar reviews in spite of the notes, but I have to say I completely hate it. Like walking through a health food store around Thanksgiving.

    HELLL NO, but if you enjoy beeswax, spice, and medicinal notes, you might give this a whirl.

  4. In the bottle:
    Apples! Sweet spices, but it’s kind of bright.

    On application:
    The brightness evapourates immediately. This is pure baked apples. Warm, sweet, perfectly spiced. Lots of cinnamon. This is a little bit nostalgic for me, it feels like we had baked apples all the time when I was a kid.

    Takes about four hours for the apples to receed. Then the spices and honey come out to play. It gets more complex and slightly more… savoury. Not salty, but like you can smell the main course cooking as well as the dessert.
    My husband hates this because it’s too sweet, but he is a painter and barely has a sense of smell so you should probably ignore that.
    This is very strongly “food”, absolutely delicious, would be lovely in an oil burner. The spices linger for ages on me.

  5. Oh wow! In the bottle, this smells deep, rich, and just overall GOOD! It loses none of it on application either. It’s interesting because I can tell there’s a lot of complexity here, but my ultimate description of it would be baked apples. Like the actual warm, vanilla-cinnamon-y smell of apples baking in the oven. There’s some chopped butternut squash hanging out somewhere in the kitchen while they bake too, and maybe a dash of honey. It’s very home-y and comforting, but something about it also says grown-up to me. I can see it being labelled as a fall scent, so it may lose a couple points with me since I probably won’t wear it year-round. I put it on around 5 PM after a shower and it stayed strong all evening, and well into the next morning. The longevity is quite impressive. I get the hype on this one. It’s a total rock star gourmand.

  6. I smell like a Russian grandma’s kitchen and I’m loving it! I really like to layer this one with a coffee or tea scent also; it really gives it that extra “hospitality” feel. This is spicy, a bit sweet, and foody, but for me it isn’t foody in only a dessert kind of way – there’s a savory element to it from the gourd and tobacco that just makes it magical. This smells so homey to me, with a little hint of something exotic too.

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