Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Layer upon layer of chocolate and banana puddings, topped with gloopy globs of whipped cream and white chocolate shavings.

Released: The Gobblefunk Collection

2 thoughts on “Bellypopper”

  1. This reminds me of the chocolate and banana parts of this banana split ice cream (Turkey Hill) that I’ve eaten. On my skin it starts out as a 50/50 mix of banana and chocolate. Happily, the banana part doesn’t go artificial on me. That being said, it’s a short lived note that lasts at most a few hours on me. Eventually this settles into a straight up chocolate scent. I wish some of the other notes (whipped cram and white chocolate) showed up to the party. Even though this ends up being a linear milk chocolate-like scent, it doesn’t go to Tootsie Rolls on me, so there’s that good news. This is a gourmand scent for sure.

  2. I had an interest in this one because I was disappointed with Bananas Foster, which was the description I identified with more between the two original banana scents in the Hex catalog. The banana here is very apparent in the bottle, as it was in BF. I worry it will do the same thing and go Runts candy on my skin, but it does feel more tempered by the chocolates and creamy counterpoints. On skin, it smells eerily like a freshly made classic Southern banana pudding, but with a handful of chocolate elements added: a more gourmet version made for a fancy dinner perhaps. There are moments where the banana is too much and gives me some artificial vibes… and then there are moments when I’m getting just a deliciously soft, creamy, chocolate-y gourmand with just a realistic banana background. It’s not bad. As I sit with it, I’m struck by the idea that maybe I just don’t want to smell like banana after all. It’s the most pleasant scent version of it I’ve ever found, but it’s still not grabbing my attention as a need.

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