Big Toddy Goth Girl

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Spiced buttered rum, bourbon, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove cigarettes.

4 thoughts on “Big Toddy Goth Girl”

  1. For the first 10 minutes or so after applying, this is VERY forward with the syrupy, rich honey. Looking now, I am pretty sure I’m smelling bourbon in there as well, because it’s not overly sweet. There is a little bit of spice lingering in the background, and I do smell some dry clove in the background. The clove is stale in the best way – It doesn’t smell bad. I didn’t notice the other notes enough to say if they came out or not.

  2. The application smell is delicious. It’s that fantastic clove note all glammed up with cinnamon and sugar (err, rum and honey). This is (strangely) feeling like an interesting step on my eternal search for a good, extra spicy “gingersnap” perfume on application. It’s got all the spice nuance and the right amount of sweetness. The clove is front and center, supported by everything else. The bourbon and rum are adding great depth, reminiscent of Kentucky Bourbon & Woodsmoke minus the smoke… it’s much more feminine, sweeter. I’m really digging it! The dry down takes on more and more of the honey note and becomes less appealing to my nose. It does remind me a bit of the phenomenal light honey in Samhain at times, but I like the representation in that one more for its simplicity. This one is almost a heavier version of that. I enjoyed the spicy-sweet liquor profile at the beginning of this one’s wear a lot, and I wish that persisted throughout. It’s still a solid blend though. The sweetness never becomes the main event. It’s a deep, spiced-honey and clove brand of sweet. I can dig it, but not enough to break through to a favorite.

  3. This scent has so much complexity. From the bottle I think of those hard caramel candies your grandma has, but on it just transforms into something divine and exactly as described. As the day goes on the cinnamon will remain the lingering note.

  4. I was hoping that some of the more spiced notes would pop up on me, but all I could think of was sickly sweet Butterbeer. I get it, but it was still disappointing.

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