Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Blueberry cordial, blueberry cobbler, vanilla bean.

2 thoughts on “BOO-Berry”

  1. Blueberry perfume is another pipe dream of mine. I was intrigued by the cordial/ cobbler combo in this one. I expect the cordial aspect to concentrate the blueberry, forcing it to stay true, and “cobbler” could introduce a sweet, cracked-sugar-crust pastry vibe to help ground and extend the wear. This is so promising in the bottle! It’s realistic, juicy, dark berry, with just a touch of sweet to round it away from fruity overload. This really smells like warm blueberry cobbler, chased with something alcoholic… It takes on a sort of sour blue raspberry feel when I put it on. It is still staying in the realm of blueberry, but with a real candy-like tartness to it. It’s reading like a spring or summer scent being so tart and bright. I find myself wanting the gooey sweetness of baked goods, which has disappeared. On the plus side, this has tremendous staying power for a fruity scent, and it’s a fun change-up to my usual darker tastes. I think it could also make a killer layering note with something assertively sweet.

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