Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Sweet, golden, drippy butterscotch, rich vanilla ice cream, hot buttered rum.

3 thoughts on “Butterbeer”

  1. On me, this is straight up butterscotch. I don’t get anything else, just unchanging butterscotch goodness. It reminds me of the hard butterscotch candies my Gram always had around when I was growing up. Now I want to hunt down some syrupy butterscotch topping to drizzle on top of some vanilla ice cream. It’s so true to life that it makes my mouth water. This should come with a warning not to lick your arm, it’s that good! The only downfall is this makes me hungry.

  2. Holy butterscotch!!! It’s positively oozing out of the bottle as soon as I pop the top. My mouth is literally watering. It develops the vanilla ice cream component once I put it on, adding depth and cold creaminess. Still delicious, a little less aggressive. I think the “hot buttered rum” is deepening the other two notes and extending their life. There isn’t any apparent booziness to it. Despite its ultimate simplicity, I think I could wear this alone. It’s that good. I think it would be a big crowd pleaser too. I feel like this one would contend with Sunday Mourning for random compliments… might have to test out the theory! Delicious.

  3. This is very, very syrupy and warm. I definitely get the warm butterscotch most of all, plus something that is a little nutty and possibly cooked in butter. I’m guessing this is my interpretation of the rum. I didn’t notice ice cream specifically, but it does have a certain thickness that keeps it from being too rich. I can’t wait to wear this more when it gets colder.

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