Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: marshmallow, buttercream, black tea, chai spices.

5 thoughts on “Chai-mallow”

  1. I want to like this because I know my beloved Nanette’s Wizardry has been discontinued. I really want to believe it’s an equal replacement. It’s just not though. It’s missing the sugared cardamom, so it’s more chai-forward to start (which I like!)… and then it falls a bit flat. The marshmallow isn’t strong enough to keep carrying the scent forward on me. It becomes almost straight marshmallow and loses power somewhat quickly for a Hex scent. Such a damn shame. Easy pass on this one too.

  2. I’m very averse to cinnamon in perfumes but the chai in this is so well balanced. This is very cozy and warm and sweet. Nothing is off or overwhelming, just a spicy sweet chai.

  3. A stunning STRONG chai latte with sweet cream. Simple and addictive as hell. My favorite of the marshmallow-buttercream collection by a country mile!

  4. I have this scent in the body oil format and all I can smell is the chai spices. After a while I can kinda get a hint of the marshmallow and buttercream, but the chai is pretty dominate.

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